I have received a swik request

When you book a delivery or service your point of contact can send you a swik request. It's the equivalent of a deposit or security deposit request, that you will just very easily accept by e-mail and/or SMS. You usually receive a swik request when:

You would like to book a tourist, sports or leisure service...
You are hiring accommodation for your holidays.
You are buying online from small advertising sites.
You would like to use hired or rental objects or goods.

First steps with Swikly

What's a swik?

A swik guarantees and secures a booking, a lease, a purchase, a security deposit (or deposit) ... both for the salesman (provider) and the buyer (customer). Ordering a swik is like ordering a transaction receipt of a bank card ... but it's more practical and much more secured. A swik replaces security deposits, deposits or using deposits ... with transferring any money in a secure way!

How does it work?

Accepting a swik request is committing to a booking, a rental or a purchase by authorising debit on your bank card:

You will receive an e-mail from Swikly confirming your booking or deposit.
You register your bank card in complete confidence on Swikly's secure site (your payment information is secured by our bank partners.)
By accepting a swik, you authorise a debit on your bank card for the amount and the delay which is specified.
You will only be debited if you don't respect your commitment (e.g. if you cancel your booking; in case of damage to the rented or borrowed item).
Accepting a swik is the same as accepting to send a guranatee cheque or deposits which are only debited in case of a problem or a cancellation.
Your trusted third-party Swikly helps you and avoids abuse.

Examples of use?

You can receive a swik request from a provider or an individual:
To secure booking for a place, a course, an event. In this case, a swik replaces deposits.
To replace a security deposit (deposit) transaction to secure a left good in on loan or on hire.
To commit you to the purchase or hiring of an item on a small advertising site online.

What must I do to accept a swik request?

Have you received a swik request to confirm a booking or a guarantee? All you have to do:

Click on the link attached.
To check the information of the swik you are using: the sender's identity, the amount, the expiration date and the reason for the request.
To fill out the necessary information and to provide the information on your bank card. Our site is secured by our bank partners.

Is the swik amount debited when it is accepted?

No. Money is not debited fro your bank card. Your card is only debited in the following instances:

If you cancel your booking and your interlocutor makes a valid cash-in request.
In case of damage to a rented or borrowed item and your interlocutor makes a valid cash-in request.

Swikly is a trusted third-party and verifies and controls cash-ins! In case of fraud, Swikly is there to avoid abuse.

Is my bank card upper limit reduced following a swik request?

No. A swik request is a secure printed bank card request. Thanks to the Swikly specificities, the upper limit of your bank card is not affected by a swik request!

Which bank cards are accepted?

We accept the following bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Dinners Club International.

What is the duration of my bank card print?

A swik secures a booking or guarantee thanks to your bank card print for up to 3 months. Contrary to a standard bank transaction receipt which only lasts 7 days.

The advantages of Swikly

You confirm your booking or guarantee simply, quickly in complete security and without advance payment!

Simple: just a few clicks on the web.
Quick: secure a booking with a swik is instant!
Secure: You proceed knowingly with your bank partners. In addition, you will be asked for a 3D-Secure code to secure all your swiks.
Trust: Swikly is a trusted third party and acts as an arbitrator in the event of a problem. Swikly reassures and prevents fraud.

Does Swikly protect me from fraud?

Swikly is a trusted third-party which controles user identity, checky payment methods, and checks and controls cash-in requests. There are many barriers which stop people with bad intentions using the service in an abusive manner.

How much does Swikly cost?

It's free!

How does a Swikly receipt work?

What do I do if I don't agree with a cash-in request?

First, you must communicate with your interlocutor to come to an agreement. By using Swikly, you instruct us:

To check the identity of your interlocutor.
To arbitrate partial or integral cash0in requests on the grounds of our general conditions and the information that you and your interlocutor have given us.

If, despite all the care we may have taken in this last step, you consider that you have been harmed by our final decision, you may appeal the decision to the competent courts.


How much does Swikly cost?

To send a swik (deposit or guarantee), it's free!