Request a claim or a deposit

With Swikly, you can request a swik which is the equivalent of a claim or a guarantee deposit. Swiks are used for example to secure a booking or material:

For touristic, sport, cultural or leisure benefits.
For short-term rented accommodation (e.g. hotel, bed and breakfast, occasional renting of your apartment...)
In connection with online sales on small advertising sites.
When you rent or borrow objects or goods.
For a table at a restaurant.

First steps with Swikly

What's a swik?

A swik guarantees and secures a booking, a lease, a purchase, a security deposit (or deposit) ... both for the salesman (provider) and the buyer (customer). Ordering a swik is like ordering a transaction receipt of a bank card ... but it's more practical and much more secured. A swik replaces security deposits, deposits or using deposits ... with transferring any money in a secure way!

How does it work?

Ordering a swik is like asking your customers for a bank card transaction receipt by specifying the amount and validity date. It allows your to secure your bookings or to request a security deposit - or deposit - from distance, simply and in complete confidence:

Ask your customer for a swik on our website: State the amount you wish to secure, your customer's email address... and send your request!
Your customer will receive an email from Swikly and will be invited to register their bank card on our site (payment information is secured by our bank partners).
By accepting your swik request, your customer authorises a debit on their card for the amount and delay you state.
When your customer fulfils their commitment, you have nothing to do! The bank card transaction is automatically cancelled and you can request the payment of your service in situ like you normally do (in cash, by cheque, bank card...).
In the event of a problem or cancellation from your customer, you can ask for a full or part receipt of the amount from swik.
Swikly is your trusted third party and helps you and secures the payment.

Examples of use?

Many uses are possible. You can request a swik:

To secure booking for a place, a course, an event. In this instance, a swik replaces using deposits
To replace a security deposit (deposit) transaction to secure a left good in on loan or on hire.
If you sell on small advertising sites online and you want to secure your sales.

Is the swik amount debited when it is accepted?

No, the the money is not debited from your customer's bank card. The money is only transferred:

If you customer cancels the booking and you have made a valid receipt request.
In the case of damage to a loaned or hired good and you have made a valid receipt request.

Swikly is your trusted third party and checks your customers' payment method! In the case of a scam, Swikly is there to avoid fraudsters.

How does it work for my customers?

What do I do if my customers don't know about Swikly?

To secure a booking, simply explain to them that they must confirm their booking with the secure Swikly service which allows them to place a guarantee without paying in advance. Their card will not be debited unless there has been a cancellation. This avoids advance payments by cheque, transfer or Internet. You can remind them that they will have to pay the sum in full in situ.
To secure a deposit - a security deposit - simply explain to them that you are using the Swikly service to request your security deposits. That enables you to secure a deposit without paying in advance. Their card will not be debited unless there is a problem (e.g. damage of a rented or loaned good...). That avoids sending a deposit cheque. It's fast, simple and secure.

The Swikly welcome kit offers texts, visuals, and a logo to use in your communications and on your website. Don't hesitate to use it to build confidence.

What mail do you receive?

After sending your swik order with our form on our website, your customer will receive the following emails:

What exactly does my customer have to do?

The customer clicks on the email link to confirm the booking, deposit or payment.
The customer fills in the requested information on the secured Swikly website: surname, first name, telephone number, and bank card details.
That's all!

Do my customers have to create an account?

No. To confirm their bookings, your customers should simply click on the email link and we send and hold their payment details to start simply.

Which bank cards are accepted?

We accept the following bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Dinners Club International.

Is my customer's bank card upper limit reduced following a swik request?

No. Requesting a swik is asking your customer for a secure bank card transaction receipt. Thanks to the Swikly specificities, your customer's bank card upper limit is not affected by a swik request!

How long does my customer's bank transaction receipt last?

A swik secures your booking or deposit for up to 3 months. Contrary to a standard bank transaction receipt which only lasts 7 days.

The advantages of Swikly

You confirm your booking or deposit quickly and simply whilst maintaining your receipt habits (cash, bank card, holiday cheque...):

Simple: just a few clicks on the web.
Quick: secure a booking with a swik is instant! You no longer have to wait for a bank transfer or a deposit cheque.
Secure: each user has a verified profile, secure and linked to their reputation. Also, a 3D-Secure code will be required to secure all your swiks.
Confidence: Swikly is a trusted third party and intervenes as an arbitrator in case of a problem. Swikly assures and facilitates the sale/hiring.
Without constraint: my customer if not debited and his bank card upper limit is not affected. You can also keep your payment practices of the final price whilst securing your sales, rentals and bookings.
Affordable: Swikly takes reduced commission and is free for customers.
Extended deadline: a swik secures your booking or deposit for up to 3 months.
Practical: for your foreign customers, who don't have cheque books, can also pay their deposit with Swikly.
Automation: Swikly can automate your requests. For more API information, contact us by email: contact@swikly.com.

I use rental sites online to guarantee my bookings, why should I use Swikly?

Swikly is ideal for all of your bookings:

Perfect for "live" bookings: The Swikly price is very enticing. In comparison, internet sites have very high commission rates from 10% to 20% of the total price, whereas Swikly only takes 1.8% + 25cts HT (2.16% + 30ct TTC) of the amount you choose to secure your bookng (typically 30% of deposits).
Swikly also works for your bookings from hotel booking platforms, Swikly allows you to take CB fingerprints from an email such as name.123456@guest.com

I have very few cancellations, why use Swikly?

Swikly can secure your revenues and assure your customers! A single cancellation represents a considerable loss. Swikly commission is affordable and incurs a very low amount (deposits usually take 30% of the total price of your sale). Swikly is also a sign of confidence, showing to your customers that you have thought about their booking.
The Swikly dashboard also enables you to centralise and manage your bookings very simply.

I request deposit cheques, why change to Swikly?

Swikly is much more practical, fast and secure! Deposit cheques are a source for lots of fraudsters. Many customers hesitate before sending a cheque and uncovered cheques are also common. Swikly guarantees and facilitates your sales and rentals. Moreover, you encounter 2-3 days delay receiving a cheque, and your customer has to pay for the stamp... A cheque is neither practical to send nor to receive, not forgetting that it can get lost! Swikly enables you to easy manage all of your bookings.

I request bank transfers. Why change to Swikly?

Swikly is much more practical, fast and secure! For bank transfers: you must give a RIB, the customer must enter it on their bank's website and that takes 2 or 3 days! Furthermore, many customers hesitate before transferring money to a stranger! Swikly assures your customers and facilitates your sales.

What are the advantages of Swikly regarding asking for the bank card number?

Swikly is much more practical, fast and secure! Many customers hesitate before giving out their bank card number over the telephone. You must have a payment terminal (PLBS) and type in the number by hand... not very practical. It's even less practical if you need to cash in the agreed amount. There are often monthly subscriptions or an acquisition cost for the terminal Swikly assures your customers and facilitates your sales.

What are the advantages regarding a classic payment via Internet?

With Swikly, you are free! You can secure your bookings, sales, rentals in complete security and request the final payment as you usually do (cash, cheque, bank card...). There's no signing up, nor commitment! Requesting a swik is virtually twice as economic as asking for a payment with other online payment providers.

Does Swikly protect me from fraud?

Swikly is a trusted third-party which controles user identity, checky payment methods, and checks and controls cash-in requests. There are many barriers which stop people with bad intentions using the service in an abusive manner.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to our platform is fast! You simply need to click on "try for free" or "sign up" on our welcome page and fill in the following information:

In order to test our service, Swikly provides a free trial offer. Take advantage! This offer enables you to take advantage of 3 swik bookings or deposits for free and without commission (excluding potential cash-in charges). The offer will be available for 15 days after your sign-up date.

What are the differences between a deposit, security and payment request?

Swik bookings (deposit)

Swikly enables you to protect yourself against last-minute cancellations by securing your bookings or meetings.

Swik deposit

Having difficulty securing your goods and equipment? Thanks to Swikly, you avoid all degradations requesting your deposits online.


A swik secures your booking or deposit for up to 3 months. Contrary to a standard bank transaction receipt which only lasts 30 days.

How do I manage my swiks?

What information do you need to type in to make a swik request?

Once your registration has been completed on swikly.com, you can carry out a swik request in a few clicks.

Simply click on "New request" and choose whether you want to secure a reservation or a deposit. Then simply fill in a form by entering the following information:

The requested amount (it's the maximum amount which will be debited on your customer's card if they don't comply with their commitment).
Your customer's email.
His mobile phone number
Language of communication with your customer (they will receive our emails like this in their language).
A short text which descibed the reason for the request and which states the use: "deposit" or "guarantee".
The start date for a deposit request or the end date for a guarantee request. Two days after this date the swik can no longer be cashed in (it's the booking date or return of rented good).

What is the difference between "sending the request" and "generating a link"?

You have two choises to valide your swik request, send your request or generate a link.

"Send the request": Swikly looks after everything! We send your customer an e-mail and a SMS to inform them of the Swik request.
"Generate a link": By clicking on this button, you will just need to copy the link generated and send it by e-mail or by SMS to your customer and sending it with a short explanation.

For an advanced usage?

Numerous swiks or payments of the same amount? The Swikly link is done for you!

It's another way to request swiks via a unique web link which works with your Swikly account. You can request guarantee or deposit swiks for fixed and known amounts in advance. A Swikly link give you a personalised form so that your customer have a swik deposit, a swik booking, a payment or all three at once! This document is configurable and you can even share your Swikly service charges.

For more information of the Swikly Link, you can visit out site page explicative.

Is the sending of an SMS to my customer automatic?

If you enter your customer's mobile number in a swik request, an SMS will be sent to your customer in addition to an e-mail. This way, he will be able to accept more quickly!

How do I know if my swik request is accepted?

When your swik request is accepted by your customer, you will be notified by an e-mail and your dashboard on swikly.com will indicate the acceptance by passing from the "in progress" status to "accepted".

How do I make a payment request?

For a swik booking or depost request, you will need to fill out a quick form by providing some information. The amount, e-mail address and customer telephone number, the communication language with your customer and a short text which describes the reason for the request.

When the payment request is accepted, sending a receipt to your customer is automatic. It is important to clarify the purpose of the payment in your request.

How do I use my dashboard?

The Swikly dashboard allows you to follow the status of your swiks.

Is it possible to send a reminder to my customer?

Yes. If your customer is late to accept your request, you can re-send it directly from your dashboard. You just click on the "re-send" button on your dashboard. Swikly will then send a reminder email to your customer to remind them of your swik request.

How does a Swikly receipt work?

You can request cashing-in a swik if your customer has not committed and you would like to use Swikly to pay you. Just select the appropriate swik, click on "cash-in" and fill in the request form. Your customer is informed by email. According to your needs, you will be able to make a full or partial cash-in request.

We will examine the information provided. If necesasary, we will contact you as well as your customer. On the grounds of our general conditions and information transferred, Swikly will decide if the cash-out request is valid.

Swikly is a trusted third-party and offers an an arbitrary service for you and your customers in case of a disagreement. Depending on the arbitrary decision we make, we will proceed to payment via bank transfer using the RIB that you will have provided us with. This verficiation and arbitrary stage gives your customers confidence and stops those with bad intentions from using the serice in an abusive manner. It is possible that our decision isn't what you had hoped for. By requesting a swik cash-in you accept to agree with Swikly's decision.

Why must I justify my cash-in request?

By using Swikly, you instruct us:

To verify your customers' payment method.
To cash-in, if necessary, the swik amount after verification.

This verficiation and arbitrary stage gives your customers confidence and stops those with bad intentions from using the serice in an abusive manner.

Is payment guaranteed?

Swikly offers the best alternative to secure an amount online without prior debit. Once a swik has been accepted, we check:

Your customers' bank cards by excluding stolen cards, lost card and risk cards.
The identity of the card holder via the request of a 3DS code.
Your customer's credit check.

As part of our engagement, our cash-in service includes:

Debit of desired sums
In case of a payment problem, we contact your customer
In case of a bank failure, we manage the litigation between the bank and your customer
In case of a chronic payment deafult on the registered bank card, we manage an amicable or judicial collecting for you

To benefit from a 100% recovery guarantee, we extend our standard service in order to sequester the guaranteed amount. In this case, your customer transfers the total deposit amount to Swikly who acts as a trusted third-party and manages the potential litigation. We remain at your full disposition to evaluate the set up of this service according to your usage (contact@swikly.com)!

When are the funds transferred to me?

The funds from your collection requests are returned to you at the end of each month.

Swikly and regulations

What is the legal value of a swik?

Swikly's general sales and usage conditions state the legal value of a swik. Following usage, a swik is:

deposits, your customer commits to paying the indicated amount if they cancel their engagement.
a security deposit (or deposit), your customer is commited to paying the indicated amount if there is damage of the rented or borrowed good.

What is the KYC regulation (Know Your Customer)?

Swikly is under an obligation to put procedures in place, called "KYC" (Know Your Customer") after bank regulation developments against money laundering, fraud and terrorism financing. This regulation obliges us to ask our customers for official documents so that following payments are not blocked.

The required supporting documentation is different for companies, self-employed entrepreneurs, associations and individuals. We keep this information completely confidential by using proven safety standards.

If that's necessary, Swikly will ask you for this at the opportune moment.

What happens to me general sales conditions?

Your own general sales and/or rental conditions, if you have them, relate to the transaction concluded with your customer and not replaced by Swikly. You can even validate them for your customers when they accept a swik! For that, you need to add an active link in your profile to your contractual documents!


How much does Swikly cost?

Swikly commission is 1.8% of the amount requested plus 25 Euro cents HT (2.16% + 30ct TTC). This amount is only collected when your customer accepts your request. An optional commission is also taken in case of a money transfer with Swikly for valid payments or cash-ins. In these cases, Swikly's commission is 3.4% of the amount transferred plus 25 Euro cents HT (4.08% + 30ct TTC).

Communicate with Swikly

How can I simply explain Swikly to my customer?

Swikly is an extra secure system for guaranteeing your booking / deposit: you enter your credit card number but it is not debited. The guarantee amount will only be debited if you cancel / in case of damage. Just click on the link from Swikly mail, that you will receive, and for the steps as asked...

Welcome pack

Our kit de bienvenue offers texts, visuals and logos for communicating simply with your customers and on your website. You can download it here!

Swikly integration

Integrate Swikly to your applications or your website with our API

Swikly can also be directly integrated on your website to secure your bookings or deposits even more easily. We offer two solutions:

The form: our developers can create a form which will directly be integrated onto your website.
Our API: we have the necessary tools to integrate Swikly to your applications or your websites (for more information on nos API you can look at notre page Bitbucket or notre SDK sur Github).